House Foil

Our organization has a higher head in the market for supplying a widespread range of Aluminium House Foils. At Aluminium Foil India the House foils are specially manufactured from raw materials that are already quality tested with superior methodologies. Our products are vastly cherished for their tear resistance, thickness and disposable properties. Furthermore, our products are used for packing food materials such as chapatis, parathas and various other delicacy’s.

We manufacrtures house foil in jumbo slit reel form with the following general specification. Final specification are made as per agreed contract with the customer.

Aluminium Foil

Soft, fully annealed Aluminium alloy AA-1200 or AA 1235 Aluminium foil confirming to Aluminium Association specification.

Thickness Options ->

0.011 mm +/- 8%
0.012 mm +/- 8%
0.014 mm +/- 8%
0.015 mm +/- 8%
0.018 mm +/- 8%


Packed in eooden crate with individual reels packed in cardboard box. Relevant markings are provided in crate and also on each of individual cartons.

Surface One side matt and other side bright.
Core I.D. Aluminium I.D 76 mm +/- 0.5 mm.
Core Type Flush or Protruded
Reel Width AS agred +/- 1 mm.
Reel OD 500 mm maximum in jumbos and 350 mm in slit reels.


Each reel shall be identified with a ticket having reel no thickness, width and manufacturing date.

Test Certificates

Test certificates incorporating (a) Thisckness (b) Width (c) Wettability would accompany the supplies.