Cigarette Foil

Cigarette foils are most comenly used for tobacco packaging as they are sensitive goods. They require flexible packaging so that they can be delivered to the customer in optimum condition. In accordance to this aluminium foil india manufactures two different types of foil namely plain and colored paper backed Aluminium foil for packaging of tobacco with the following general specifications.

We manufactures plain and colored paper backed Aluminium foil for packaging of cigarette with the following general specifications. Final specifications are made as per agreed contract with the customers.

Aluminium Foil

Soft fully annealed Aluminium alloy AA- 1200 Aluminium foil conforming to Aluminium Association specification.

Thickness Options -> 0.007 mm ± 8 %
0.075 mm ± 8 %
0.008 mm ± 8%


Paper is laminated on the foil with water based adhesive.

Paper Grammage -> 22 GSM ± 2 GSM
30 GSM ± 2 / -3 GSM
40 GSM ± 3 GSM


Bare side of the foils may be uncoated, clear lacquer coated or coloured as per shade approved by the customer.

Core Material And Core Id

Plastic or Aluminium of I.D. 70 or 76 mm with a tolerance of +\-0.5 mm.


As specified by the customer.

Joints Average less than 2 per reel. Butt type with 25 mm cellotape. Reel Size Reels are delivered with an O.D. of 400 +/- 10 mm maximum or as specified by the customer.
Reel ander Within ± 0.5 mm Identification Each reel is identified with a ticket having reel number, specification, operator number and manufacturing date.
Reel Width As agreed ± 0.5 mm Packing Reels will be packed in card board boxes with relevant markings.
    Test Certificates Test certificates giving the actual observed values of different parameters will accompany the supplies.