About Us

Aluminium Foil India are delighted to announce ourselves as single of the best manufacturer, supplier and exporter of aluminium foils. We need well-known the greatest creation division lengthways with whole hygiene and value control protocols which may be measured as an industrial benchmark. We involve of the state of the skill equipment that supports us in if the clients with their products according to their conditions.

It is glowing experienced and greatly educated with their vast capability in this field they are capable to justify all the necessities of the customers. We comportment quarterly seminars in the company for our staff to ensure them about the newest development in the marketplace. We involve of a team of exactly trained professionals with progressive attitude to please our clients.

The products that we manufacture are totally versatile metals that are non toxic and non flammable. The foils that we manufacture are UV rays resistant. Actuality so hard-hitting and protective it has assisted us in obtaining a famous in the market for foil creators. We manufacture Aluminium Foil, Pharmaceutical Foil, allowing to the customer’s provisions.

As future as the lead is worried we announce our clients that the materials we get for the industrial of aluminium foils is of the greatest quality developed from genuine trader. Compromising in excellence is not the technique we effort.The situation is our duty to deliver the top quality of aluminium foils manufacturer to our clients in instruction to visit onward of our competitors. Analysis is moreover supported out at many parts of manufacturer. It is supports the use of environment friendly systems of producing aluminium foils.

Our vision is to become unique of the world leaders in the manufacturing, supplying and exporting of aluminium foils.

Condition you are involved in Aluminium Foil produces, satisfy kindly do not hesitate to communication us. We trust that through the eagerness to cooperate on the base of related profit, our produces and amenity will certainly opportunity available to stay to your approval.

Product Range

Light Gauge Foil :
7, 8, 9 and 12 micron
Medium Gauge Foil :
15-50 Micron
Heavy Guage Foil :
60-200 micron
Tagger Foil / Container Foil :
50-100% micron
Triple Laminate For Packaing Web Stock Foil :
15, 20, 30 and 40 micron
Pharma Foil :
Unrprinted and Printed (5 colours) 25, 30 and 40 micron poly laminated foil
Four Ply Packaging Blister Pack Foil :
Unrprinted and Printed (5 colours) 20 , 25 and 30 micron
Cigarette Foil :
Plain and Coated
House Foil Lidding Foil :
Unrprinted and printed 30-38 and 40 microns